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ScenarioNow Bios

Patrick J. Sullivan is CEO and co-founder of ScenarioNow Inc. He has over 20 years' experience in Wealth Management business development, training, and management. His focus is how to apply a planning approach to all aspects of a financial advisor’s business. Mr. Sullivan has extensive experience in training financial planners, accountants, trust officers, securities brokers, and insurance agents. He also is a recognized industry expert in how to use technology to enhance the effectiveness of prospecting, selling, and client retention. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Marquette University, and an MBA in Financial Planning from Southern Illinois University. He is also author or two books, Scenario Selling: Technology and the Future of Professional Selling and Winning the Retirement Game, written with Dr. David Lazenby.

Dr. David Lazenby is a certified sales trainer and strategic partner of Ottinger Sales Resources. He is also co-founder of ScenarioNow Inc., a firm offering visually interactive software allowing clients and advisors to collaboratively solve financial and retirement problems in real time. Dr. Lazenby is a licensed performance psychologist with 15 years' experience in working with banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, U.S. Navy SEALS, Fortune 500 executives, wealthy families, and privately-held businesses to fine tune performance. During the past five years, he has worked exclusively to take psychology from academic theory to real world sales performance. His education includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in performance psychology from Southern Illinois University. His dissertation research focused on generational issues concerning wealth.


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